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Cambridge Interdisciplinary Research on the Environment

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The events featured here are examples of the kinds of event that take place in the CIRE group. The majority are run through the CRASSH funded seminar series but some of them (for example, Learning Pathways through Changing Places) took place as part of the projects like the Pathways Project.

Storytelling, Education and Climate Change

Storytelling, Education and Climate Change 25 February 2015, Room SG2, Alison Richard Building Tom Moorhouse (Oxford), Keri Facer (Bristol) ~Climate Histories

Storytelling, Education and Climate Change - Read More…

Alpine Cairns

Alpine Cairns, Thomas Thornton

Alpine Cairns - Read More…

Fracking - Roundtable Discussion

Fracking - Roundtable Discussion 08 October 2014, Room SG2, Alison Richard Building Natalie Bennett (Green Party), David Reiner ( Cambridge), Susan Crate at Climate Histories

Fracking - Roundtable Discussion - Read More…

Climate Histories Discussion

Discussion chaired by Dr Hildegard Diemberger and Dr Heather Cruickshank - Alison Richard Building

Climate Histories Discussion - Read More…

Cambridge Interdisciplinary Research on the Environment is a group that was initiated following a successful AHRC Network grant within Social Anthropology which created an interdisciplingary netwook on Climate Histories. Following the success of this network an interdisciplinary seminar series was funded by CRASSH from 2011–2016 to continue work on this theme. This series was co-convened by the Departments of Social Anthropology, Geography, and the Engineering Department's Centre for Sustainable Development.

The series brought together people from a range of academic and non-academic backgrounds including the sciences, arts, humanities, and social sciences, and those working within policy, industry, activism, education, and media and continues as an occasional series hosted at the Mongolia & Inner Asia Studies Unit.

The connections and networks made through the discussions in this series formed the backdrop against which some funding bids were developed and the projects that resulted are also featured on this site.