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Sensing Landscapes: Local places

In the landscape, being, seeing, hearing, touching, feeling

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Touching, feeling, children and natural environments














(artistic creation in collaboration with Caroline Wendling)

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Down to
the broadlands


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Evening on the flooded fenlands

Reflecting and reflection

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  Children's Voices

“We like to go to the catchwater. It’s easy. We all go over the ditch, it’s fun. You just have to crawl through the trees, then go under a wire, it’s not electric or anything, then you get to the ditch and you jump over that.”

“When it's hot we go much more to the river, when it's cooler we go to the woods. But we don't go there as much because it's sort of a nature reserve now. I think we're not allowed.”

“Where we’re going is called Dead Man’s Wood. I'm actually getting scared now, there might be spooky stuff. It’s called Dead Man’s Wood because in Roman times they lived there and were buried there and that's why the ground is raised. There’s actually gold there, but we haven't found it unfortunately. Don't want to dig up the dead bodies.


At the end of the day

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